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Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center
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530 Communication Circle, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
530 Communication Circle Colorado Springs Colorado 80905 US
(719) 772-7000(719) 772-7000

In 2014, Jay Cimino established a nonprofit in Colorado Springs that would eventually turn out to be the best center for veterans and those currently serving. Because he had been expanding his automobile business after accepting a partnership with Phil Long, Jay decided to move his philanthropic efforts to Colorado Springs as well as his 501(c)3’s in Trinidad. While expanding the Phil Long empire, Jay worked alongside active duty soldiers, as well as the large Veteran population that calls the Front Range “home.” He decided that, after all this time working with these men and women, he would open a center, in which Veterans and active duty soldiers could get the assistance they so deserved. Jay hired retired US Army Colonel, and former Fort Carson Garrison Commander, Bob McLaughlin, to help him bring to life his latest passion project – “Build a Center where Military, Veterans and their Families can easily get the support and services they deserve!” Doors to Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center opened to the public in March of 2016.

Today, at Mt. Carmel Military, Veterans and their Family members have direct access to a wide-range of programs and services to include:

  • Behavioral health counseling
  • Employment and transition support
  • Job placement and internships
  • Benefits support
  • Non-clinical case management and resource navigation
  • Housing assistance
  • Financial coaching, classes and assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Education assistance – “understanding your GI Bill”

All of these services are offered inside one building, so the assistance this nonprofit offers to Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers is truly unlike any other. We are proud to be a partner with Mt. Carmel.

Mt. Carmel Veteran Services Center is a proud partner of Lost Creek Ranch!

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