PTSD Retreat in Colorado. Thousands of Acres to Explore! Mountains, Rivers and Forests... come join us!

The Lost Creek Ranch in Colorado is a PTSD Retreat and Camp that leads to 500,000 beautiful acres of forests, mountains and streams including parts of the Colorado “Lost Creek Wilderness Area”, some of the most beautiful mountain splendor you will see anywhere. Our PTSD Retreat in Colorado will show you our hidden creeks, countless granite domes, knobs, spires and buttresses. Hike along old logging roads, hundreds of game trails or even make your own path and discover your own beautiful and unique Colorado destination of peace and tranquility. Please read more about our retreat and lodging at Lost Creek Ranch.

Veterans and their families are not asked to pay for lodging expenses. All such expenses are paid for by Lost Creek Ranch. Donations are welcomed but in no way required. Stays are limited to 2-3 nights. Please Call (719) 963-7528 for details, availability, and more information about our programs.



PTSD Retreat at Lost Creek Ranch, Colorado

Our Mission

1.) To perpetuate awareness of the incredible challenges of our military as they return home from the defense of this great nation.

2.) To offer workable solutions to our churches, communities, small businesses and individuals as they welcome our military back home and help them heal and assimilate once again into our fast paced culture.

3.) To provide healing and comprehensive resources to our veterans.


Such is the purpose of our Colorado PTSD Retreat at Lost Creek Ranch

However, this task is far too great to accomplish alone… we need your help! Band of Brothers and Sisters, become a partner in healing. Join with us today & make our PTSD Retreat here in Colorado the best it can be! For donations and more information please contact us.


Please direct all mail to our Colorado Springs office:

P.O. Box 440, Bailey, CO 80421


Lost Creek Ranch is an EEO service provider and operates under a Special Use Permit on the Pike National Forest.

Lost Creek Ranch is a division of Colorado’s Childhood Cancer and Disabilities Camps, Inc. and is a Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) in good standing with both Federal and Colorado state governments. All fees and donations go to drive the programs for PTSD and children with disabilities. Your donation to our organization is fully tax-deductible.